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Game description BARBIE FLOWERS SHOP

Barbie is back in some great new barbie games and if you are a fan of this lovely doll, you can now enjoy her latest games on Barbie always dreamed about having her own business and because she loves flowers so much she decided to open up her own flowers shop in her home town. She loves flowers a lot and there is no other place she would rather spend her spare time than a flower shop. She is just getting started in the flower business so she is going to need all the help she can get from you. If you know a thing or two about flowers you will do fine on your first level but you will have to keep up with the difficulty level of the game as you progress to the later levels. Enjoy playing the best barbie games online on our site and try to help our dear girl out. All you have to do is to pay close attention to the bouquet and try to make it yourself using all the right flowers. Take a good look at it and try to get it on the first try to get points.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 28.04.2014 | Was played by 2697 times

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