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Game description CROSS THE RIVER

Beyblade games category brings you another fun game inspired by the Beyblade Saga. This Cross the River game is one that keeps you on your toes when playing, want it or not. Enjoy this free beyblade game online like many others are doing right now. Gyngka is in trouble right before a tournament and he needs you to help him get out of it. Gingka has a precious beyblade on him that is easily destroyed when it touches water. Because of the power of that beyblade, a rival team threw Gingka in a river and the only place where it's safe for him is on some floating red wood. Gingka needs to get out of there without falling into the water and he only has you to help him. Guide him so he jumps on the floating pieces of wood. You need to use the mouse to tell him the angle and the power he should use when he's jumping. Depending on what you tell him, he might either fall into the water or land safely on a piece of wood. Help Gingka get out of the river by guiding him along so he can join the upcoming tournament with his special beyblade.


Use the mouse to play Cross the River with Gingka.

This game was added on 08.05.2014 | Was played by 1645 times

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