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Game description DYNAMIC CHESS

Another great chess game online for you and your friends. Part of the chess game category, this Dynamic Chess game is one that will keep you playing for a long time. Challenge the computer to a game of chess and enjoy the variety of moves that come afterwards. Playing chess against a computer is a lot like playing against a different chess player every time. Since you can't see the expressions or how the eyes move of the opponent it is even more challenging to anticipate what moves he will make. In this particular chess game, you can take your time and learn about different movements and strategies and also form your own logical way of thinking. Logic is one of the most overlooked skill. Many are opposed to thinking that the logical skill will help them in life, but the truth is that every day we use logic or deduction and even in day to day conversation we tend to predict what others will answer and think ahead on the conversation. This is how humans work and polishing your chess skill will give you a great advantage in the years to come, be it at work or for interpersonal relations.


Use the mouse to move the pieces to the highlighted area.

This game was added on 15.05.2014 | Was played by 1349 times

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