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Game description CHESS MANIAC

This Chess Maniac game is one of the many variations of chess games online. This free chess game brings you a new set of graphics and colors to enjoy while playing along with an easy and hard mode that you can choose from. If you are a beginner in the amazing world of chess, it is imperative that you first learn about all the different pieces from the board and how they move. In chess there are always two players and each have a set of 16 chess pieces, out of which there are a Queen, a King, two bishops, two rocks and a pair of knights that are all arranged on the first row in front of the player. On the second row there are the pawns which are alike the foot soldiers. The pawns job is to protect the other pieces behind them as they are the first line on the battlefield. Pawns can move one or two squares in front of them as their first move but after that they can only move one square in front of them at all times. The other pieces each have their own signature move and it's always fun to discover which is it. Try your hand at this logical game today!


Use the mouse to select the chess piece then to select where it should move.

This game was added on 15.05.2014 | Was played by 1707 times

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