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Game description ARE YOU A VIOLETTA FAN

Our site is the best place to play violetta games online with all your friends and enjoy yourself along side this young artist. Do you enjoy watching the popular hit show Violetta? Well, if you are a fan then this game is perfect for you and you will surely have a great time playing through the levels. The game is really similar to the popular quiz games and all you have to do is answer all the questions correctly to advance to the next one. How much do you know about Violetta? I mean, we all know that she is a young singer that has great dream but can you really say you really know her? Some questions can get pretty tricky if you are not a real fan and every little detail about her matters so waste no time and think carefully before giving an answer. Use all your brain power to prove that you really are a violetta fan. Every little detail counts so make sure you know everything about her before trying to get a new high score. Enjoy playing the latest violetta games online with all your friends and fans of the great show.


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This game was added on 01.05.2014 | Was played by 7582 times

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