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Game description ESCAPE BLUE BEDROOM

Are you ready to prove your escape skills in the best girl games online? Today is not your lucky day because you have been locked inside a blue bedroom. It seems that there is no way out and you need to find the key. There is a key to the door hidden somewhere deep inside the room but it is not going to be easy to get to it. You will have to search for different clues and put them head to head to get to it. There are a lot of puzzles to be solves also so do your best to solve them all the right way. Each clue will lead to another and you have to get them all to solve the puzzle. The game is going to require a lot of thinking and it is not going to be easy to get out. Take your time and think ahead your every move to get to the key. If you love adventure point and click games you are surely going to enjoy plying these new escape room games free online from the girl games category and with a little hard work you will have no problem getting out of the bedroom.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 05.05.2014 | Was played by 2452 times

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