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Game description RUMBLES REVENGE

Part of the weird games series comes all new Rumbles Revenge game. Free weird games online, only here at for all you fun lovers. Take a break from school with this new action-filled adventure game. Rumble McSkirmish is back and plotting a revenge against the twins Dipper and Mabel. This time the two are trapped by Rumble in a game and they have to find him to get back home. Rumble keeps sending them new enemies to defeat until they can reach him and the two siblings pass though various places, heading towards the big boss Rumble McSkirmish. Although together at first they soon get lost. This is where you have to help them defeat all the incoming enemies. At the beginning of the game you have to choose who will you follow and help to reach Rumble. While Dipper is faster than Mable but his blows are also weaker. Choose one that you think you'll like playing with. Find your friends in the game and travel towards the final goal, that is defeating Rumble and returning to the real world. Both Dipper and Mabel each have a special attack that you can use. Dipper has the attack Multibear while Mabel's special attack is Aoshima. Can these two make it to the end? Find out yourself!


Use the keyboard as instructed in the game to play.

This game was added on 05.05.2014 | Was played by 1833 times

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