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Game description MYSTERY SHACK

As part of weird games online comes Mystery Shack. In this fun and thrilling game, Mabel and Dipper explore the house of their Great Uncle, nicknamed Grunkle. The story of the game unfolds when the twins Mable and Dipper are locked in their room in the attic. They need your help to find clues on how to get out of the house. At the beginning of the game, you can choose if you want to follow and help the optimistic Mabel or Dipper, who's always looking for riddles to solve. Either way, the purpose of the game is to find your freedom and exit the house, using the clues you find around the house. The game is played with the mouse and it's a simple point and click game. It is up to you to know which drawers you should look in, to find the items you need, and where to go from there. Help the twins find their way out of the attic, and out of the house in general and let them taste sweet freedom. Who will you help? Dipper or Mabel? Try them both and see who you like best. If you're ever stuck in the game and don't know what you should do, click the question mark for a hint to where you should look next.


Use the mouse to point and click and move from room to room.

This game was added on 06.05.2014 | Was played by 1617 times

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