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Game description SAVE THE DWARFS

New Snow White games for kids for spending a fun time together with your family. Part of the Snow White games category comes Save the dwarfs game. This is a free snow white game online that will take you through the magic world of Snow White and her friends. Snow White was chased away by her stepmother when she became more beautiful then her and she found refuge in a small cottage in the woods. There is where she meet the seven dwarfs. Taking petty on her, the dwarfs let her stay with them while in exchange she cooked and cleaned the house. All was well and for a while there was nothing disturbing the peace and serenity of Snow White. However, one day, while picking wild fruits for supper, Snow White heard a strange noise coming from the cottage. When she looked in, the house was a mess and here was a note on the kitchen table. In that note it was written that the dwarfs were taken away by her stepmother's orders, divided and caged then put in a chariot and driven away. Armed only with her friendship for the dwarfs, Snow White started searching for her missing friends.


Use the mouse to play Save the dwarfs.

This game was added on 08.05.2014 | Was played by 1572 times

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