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Game description SLACKING SNOW WHITE

Slacking Snow White the game is one that offers fast fun for all ages. Part of the Snow White games, this is a perfect example of the free Snow White games online on this website. There are many that enjoy this kind of dress-up games but think they could use some speed, well now you have it. Snow White is feeling quite lazy today and can't seem to make herself do her makeup, not to mention any of the chores she still needs to do in the game. But if she doesn't make it in time she will have to greet the dwarfs without any preparations. And that just can't be done. Use this opportunity to make Snow White do the things she needs to before the dwarfs come back from work. Can she make it in time? Snow White is very beautiful indeed and gifted with a beautiful voice, as well as a kind heart, but some days she just doesn't feel like she can do much. But that can't be left without her doing anything. She still needs to take care of herself and to look pretty at all times because you never know when Prince Charming might appear on a white stallion to whisk her away to his palace.


Use the mouse to play Slacking Snow White.

This game was added on 08.05.2014 | Was played by 2207 times

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