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Get ready for adventure! You will have a blast playing the best and newest Snow White games online today on our site and you will get to help the cute Disney princess escape from her tower. Her evil step mother has locked her inside a tower and only you can help her escape so let's get to it! You get to control all the platforms of the level and it is up to you to rotate them the right way to get our princess to the escape door. Take your time and guide her through all the leves until you get out of the tower. It is not going to be easy so take your time and think ahead your every move if you want to get Snow White safe and sound. The prince is waiting for her outside so make sure you get her there on time and you do not keep the handsome prince waiting. You do not have your seven dwarf with you so you have to get by on yourself. Enjoy the latest snow white games online with all your friends and try to get the princess safely to the house in the middle of the woods.


Use the arrow keys to play this game

This game was added on 08.05.2014 | Was played by 1761 times

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