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Game description COLOR UP SNOW WHITE

Another Snow White game for kids brought to you under the category of Snow White games on this website. Another fun Snow White coloring game is waiting for you when you play this game. Snow White has a busy day ahead of her. She needs to get up, make breakfast for the working dwarfs, see them off, then she needs to wash and sweep the entire house and prepare lunch baskets for the dwarfs. She then has to go bring them their food and go picking for wild fruits while they're eating. She then needs to wash all the dishes back in the cottage and make supper for when the dwarfs come back. Only after they've eaten, will she be able to wash the dishes and finally tuck in to sleep. This is a typical day for Snow White and it is something she enjoys doing. But one day while she was seeing out the hard-working dwarfs, a gust of magical dust flew over the cottage in the woods. suddenly all the color was gone and Snow White together with everything else around her were frozen. She needs you to color her and her surroundings to cancel the effect of the spell.


Use the mouse to pick up the colors and to place them on the drawing.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 2365 times

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