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Game description MAKE UP ON SNOW WHITE

New Snow White games for kids for you to enjoy. Especially this Snow White game online is a cute Snow White game which has as a purpose to put makeup on a Chibi Snow White. You can choose the shape of the eyebrows for little Snow White, the eye-shade, blush, and many more in this cute little game. By trying different combinations you can try on different colors and make-up styles. Try each of them and decide which you like best. Chibi Snow White is waiting for you to help her with her makeup. Each day is full of fun and games for Chibi Snow White, and although her mother died a while ago, she is a happy and carefree child. This evening there is a grand ball that the King, her father, is trowing to announce his engagement to the future Queen, and it is also the first time Snow White is meeting her. for this occasion she must look even better than usual. So little Snow White decided it was a good idea to try putting on some makeup so she can be prettier. But because this is the first time that she tries on makeup, she doesn't yet know how to apply it. Help her find her way with the makeup box.


Use the mouse to play Makeup on Snow White.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 2167 times

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