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Game description SNOW WHITE PUZZLE

Try this New Snow White puzzle game that is part of the Snow White game series. All new Snow White games online for all ages. Play them when you are bored or just want to have a chance of pace. Step into the wonderful world of Snow White and piece it back together. This game can be played by using the mouse. click on a piece of the puzzle to move it and repeatedly click on it so it turns in the right angle for the puzzle. Place the piece in the right place and work towards piecing back the puzzle. Snow White is finally being rescued by the Prince, but the evil Queen will not let her go that easily. With the help of the magic mirror on the wall, the queen is secretly spying on Snow White and the seven dwarf. Seeing her get on the horse of the Prince she decides she should cast a spell. If she can't make Snow White disappear, she will make it so her and her friends will be unable to move from this picture perfect moment. So while casting a spell, she smashes the mirror into multiple pieces. The animals of the forest must now put the pieces back together to break the spell.


Use the mouse to grab and rotate the puzzle pieces.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 1932 times

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