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Game description BUGS BUNNY PUZZLE

Another great game from the Looney Tunes collection here at www.g9y9.com for you. This cute Bugs Bunny puzzle game is one that can keep you entertained for hours depending on how you play it. This Bugs Bunny game for kids is one that has a different difficulty level which can vary depending on the mode you want to play. The easiest mode you can play is the sliding mode which is composed of 16 spaces and 15 pieces which you have to slide into place to form the final picture of the puzzle. This might be the easiest one to play but not for everyone. This game also has the Jigsaw mode which has, in itself, four more difficulty levels depending on the numbers of pieces that the picture is divided in. The easiest mode for the jigsaw puzzle has 12 pieces, the medium one has 48 pieces, the hard one has 108 pieces and the last one, the expert level has 192 pieces that you need to put together to form the whole picture. Depending on which one you choose and how fast you are at solving puzzles, this game offers several hours of game play wither alone or with your friends and family.


Use the mouse to slide the pieces or drag and drop them to combine.

This game was added on 19.05.2014 | Was played by 1484 times

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