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Game description TWEETY PICKIN TOWER

Another in the Tweety games series is the Tweety Pickin Tower game. Part of the Tweety kids games online, this fun little game will allow you to enjoy a variety of emotions as you try to help Tweety gather apples. This Looney Tunes game will let you experience what real friendship is. Tweety wants to gather apples in order to make a yummy apple pie for his friends. However he can't properly reach any of the apples on the trees. The big red apples look appetizing and juicy and they would be just right for the secret recipe that Tweety learned from his grandmother. Seeing as he is troubled about how to get to the apples high in the tree, his friends decided to help Tweety reach the beautiful apples. Using only balloons and some helium gas, his friends each got a balloon and rode it higher and higher. Now Tweety must pop the balloons when his friends are on top of each other so they can stack together and help him reach his apples. Help Tweety pop the balloons at just the right time in order to stack as many friends as he can, this all before time runs out.


Use the mouse to pop the balloons and stack the cute fluffy animals.

This game was added on 20.05.2014 | Was played by 1496 times

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