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Game description BUGS BUNNY KISSING

Online Bugs Bunny games for you to play together with your friends or family or alone when you're bored or you want to have some cartoon fun. These new Bugs Bunny games are just right when it's raining outside or for a short afternoon fun session. This kidding Looney Tunes games are a fun way to know just how much the characters in the famous cartoons resemble real people as they also fall in love and want to show their love by kissing. In this game, we have the famous couple of Bugs Bunny and Lola. The two are very much in love and want to prove it to each other but things are not that easy when there are people looking for them. Be it Elmer Fudd or the other animals from the forest, they are all trying to sneak a peek at the young couple. Help the two kiss to their heart's content without being seen or interrupted by anyone. Pay attention to the exclamation marks that appear above the heads of the nosy characters. These exclamation marks will let you know that they will try to sneak a peek so you must stop the kissing until they turn their head around again.


Use the mouse and by holding left click make Bugs Bunny and Lola kiss. Release the hold when you want them to stop kissing.

This game was added on 21.05.2014 | Was played by 1647 times

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