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Game description ROAD RUNNER CARVING

A new Road Runner game online that you can play whenever you want to play a more casual game. This Road Runner kids game is really fun if you have the patience to finish it. Part of the Road Runner cartoon games series, this game lets you experience what real wood carving is like. By using three different tools you are able to carve a picture of the Road Runner on a wood plank. You can use the mouse to select the tool that you want to use and by clicking repeatedly on the wood plank, you will be able to use that tool and slowly carve the figure. If you would like another angle of the carving tools, you can do that by selecting the tool that you want and then clicking repeatedly on the direction tool until it is in the angle that you want. To change the tool you use, you must click on the sheet of paper and then select another tool. If you made a mistake there is nothing to worry about as you can undo carvings. You can even start the carving all over again if you wish and add new elements to it.


Use the mouse to play Road Runner Carving.

This game was added on 21.05.2014 | Was played by 1355 times

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