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Want to play transformers games 3d online free and you can't find a single one that matches your search because they are all too simple and boring? Our robot games online will offer you the games you've been looking for: optimus prime games and transformers games online. Your transformer will have to fight with all sorts of creatures. You have to be real quick and flexible so you don't get killed because those creatures outnumber you and they are really dangerous. You have to kill as many as you can in the shortest time possible so they don't kill you. There will be creatures on the ground shooting at you at the same time with the creatures that are flying around. You can shoot whatever you want but do it quick, don't spend any time on thinking how you can escape. The only way to get at the end of the level is to run as fast as you can and shoot as many beasts as you can. Don't let them fool you, they are very resistent to your bullets so you have to be very careful. Jump over the ones on the ground or jump to avoid their bullets. Also you will find some bonus points if you're really good. Try to kill them all and have a higher score.


Use left click to shoot, right arrow to move faster and up arrow to jump.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1560 times

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