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Game description BUGS BUNNY BIKING

New Bugs Bunny free games for a boring afternoon in the house. Part of the bugs bunny online free games, this biking game will let you play with Bugs Bunny to your heart's content. These free Bugs Bunny games for kids can be enjoyed by many no matter the age or skills. Find the right Looney Tunes games for you and enjoy the comical world of Bugs Bunny and his friends. Create new memories together with bugs and help him achieve his goals while doing so. Have loads of fun alone or together with your friends, sibling and even parents. The Looney Tunes cartoons and games are loved by all, children and adults alike, and they are always a pleasure to spend some relaxing time on it. In this game, Bugs Bunny is out for a ride with his brand new bike when all of a sudden he sees carrots dangling in front of him. Seeing as h can be faster on his bike, Bugs Bunny speeds up and goes towards the row of juicy carrots that are right in front of him. However the road road isn't as easy to go on and Bugs has to take care not to hurt himself.


Use the arrows from the keyboard to play Bugs Bunny Biking.

This game was added on 22.05.2014 | Was played by 1522 times

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