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Game description MATH MATCH MOVE

This new Math Match Move game with matchsticks is one that will baffle you as it involves using logic and mathematics to solve it. This free matchmove game will let you enjoy the feeling of success as you try to solve all ten levels. This can be considered a math game online but you can also say that it is a logic game online, because you have to use all of your logical reasoning and mathematical prowess to solve all the 10 levels of the game. Start playing this fun new game and make it a challenge to solve it as fast as you can. In this cute little game you must think before you make a move as not any move will work. By using the mouse you must grab just one stick and move it to make the equation be correct. The stick you select must be placed in the right part of the equation for you to pass the level. Challenge your parents, siblings and even your friends in this fun new game and try to beat them. Solve all the 10 levels first and be the Logic Champion in this game. Impress your friends with your out-of-the-box thinking.


Use the mouse to pick up only one matchstick in order to make the mathematical equation right.

This game was added on 26.05.2014 | Was played by 1480 times

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