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Game description GYMKAM MATHS

A new math online game that can be played for free by whoever desired to. This kids math game can be considered at the Olympic levels as it poses some difficult equations that need to be solved by the player. If you are one who enjoys a challenge and like math or just want to become better at it, join the millions already playing this fun math educative game. Use the mouse in this new platform like math game to tell your character when to run and when to jump whether to avoid the bad answers or to touch the good ones. In this free new math game, you will be able to play with a character and run through a course of equations. Each level you have a total of 8 equations and every time you answer wrongly to one, you will lose one points. Each correct answer is one point added to the score. There are a total of 10 levels and while some center on simple equations, other have problems of algebra, geometric shapes, Pythagorean theorem and even about points on a graph. Go through all the levels and earn all three medals. Challenge your friends and amaze your teachers.


Use the mouse to avoid the wrong answers and touch the right ones.

This game was added on 26.05.2014 | Was played by 1322 times

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