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Game description PUZZLE DRAGON BALL Z

Remember San Gohan from the Dragon Ball Z show? He looks just like Goku and is almost as strong as he is. If you're looking for Dragon Ball Z trivia we have the right answer. We offer you the opportunity to spend some quality time playing our Dragon Ball Z puzzles, this one right here being one of them. The puzzle pieces will be available only one by one so to continue the game you have to find the exact spot for each piece. After you have found it and placed it in the right place you will be given antoher piece to continue with. You will find the place where every piece belongs and the puzzle will be completed. You will start the puzzle with a maximum score of 5000 points which are equal to 5000 seconds. As the seconds pass your score will get lower until you finish the puzzle. When you have finished it you can play it again so you can establish a highscore and challenge your friends to beat that score. This game will keep you busy on a rainy day when you have nothing else to do. Whenever you have some free time come back for some more Dragon Ball Z puzzle games online.


Drag and drop the puzzle piece to place it in the right spot.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1251 times

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