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Game description ROSE WEDDING CAKE 2

Ready for some awesome wedding cake games for kids? Girls if are you ready for some cooking games, you can be sure that cooking this wedding cake will be a pleasure for you. Discover all the fun you can have in a game in which you'll have to put your culinary skills to the tests. What do you know about weddings anyhow? Did you ever seen how a wedding cake looks like? Do you know how big it can be, what kind of ingredients it has, how is baked or how is decorated? Well you will find out all about this aspects in some of the most fun girl games of them all. If you also looking for a chef career, you surely want to start cooking, and you should learn how to cook anything from the most simple recipes of salads and soups to all kinds of most complex recipes like this wedding cake. You don't have to go to master chef show to prove that you are a talented chef, playing an online free game like this of 2014 with cakes, might be just what you need to prove yourself and to others that you are made for this kind of job. Good Luck!


Play this game using only the mouse.

This game was added on 26.05.2014 | Was played by 3115 times

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