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Back in the Stoneage people used to entertain themselves however they could and today you can join the Flintstone Family in some of the newest and best dodgeball variations games online. They used to have dodgeball back then too and they used to play with rocks and stones so you are about to have a lot of fun in these new online games for free. Pick your favorite team from the Flintsone cartoon and start playing dodgeball! If you love the Flintstone show you will surely recognize Barney, Fred, Wilma and the rest of the gang in this great game. To win a game of dodgeball you will have to aim carefully and hit precise if you need to get some points and win the game. Play the latest flintstone games online for free with all your friends and start winning some matches. The first few matches will be pretty easy but they will keep on getting harder and harder as you progress through the game. You opponents will keep on getting faster so take your time and stay focused on the game if you want to have a chance in winning the dodgeball stone tournament. Enjoy and have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 26.05.2014 | Was played by 1427 times

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