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Game description BMX FREESTYLE 3D

A great Bicycle game that will let you enjoy the fun and exciting challenge of a BMX Freestyle track. This 3D game is yet another example of how realistic a game can be. Play this BMX Freestyle 2014 game today and learn what the rave is all about. Learn new tricks, and perform the perfectly before the time runs out. To play this game you just need a computer with a working internet connection and a keyboard. At the beginning of the game you even get to choose which biker you want to play as, so don't be shy and take your pick. This BMX game will let you enjoy the most realistic feeling that you can get from this simulation like games. Learn all the tricks that you can do in this new game and perform them for the highest score. You must win among all the other participants and be the supreme winner of the BMX Freestyle Challenge. Try all the tricks, jump into the air, travel the whole map, and learn about new and different kinds of ramps. Try doing the tricks while pressing X or just bu using the arrows when you're up in the air. See what you can do and win this challenge!


Use the arrows to move your biker and while pressing X you can do tricks. When you're on the big ramps and you jump high into the air you just need to use the arrows to spin.

This game was added on 27.05.2014 | Was played by 1683 times

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