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The great Bart Simpson Buggy Car game is now here for you to enjoy whenever you want. In the Simpsons games category you can find several Bart Simpson car games that you will surely enjoy playing, among others such as Bart Simpson skateboarding games or Bart Simpson dress up games. Depending on what you're looking at these new game will let you enjoy a fun time together with the Simpson family and Bart. Join the millions already playing this cute little game and have fun together with the funny Bart. Bart has just had his birthday and has received a cool Buggy Car and he can't wait to test it out on the outskirts of the Springfield town. Although new to the whole rough terrain racing, Bart insists in driving his car through some of the hardest terrain there is. But he must be careful because it is not as easy as it seems. When racing through the uneven terrain, Bart must remember to balance his car just as balancing his skateboard. Being careful not to crash and destroy the car before he gets to use it properly. Use the three lives of Bart to complete all the levels of the game and earn stars.


Use the arrows from the keyboard to play Bart Simpson Buggy Car

This game was added on 27.05.2014 | Was played by 1545 times

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