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Another great bicycle game for you to play when you're bored. This Bike Tike Multiplayer is a great way to play together with your friends or family and to deepen your friendship. These free bicycle games online can be played by anyone who want too, no matter what age or where from. As long as your internet connection is working and you have a computer, you can access this website and play to your hearts content. In this particular bicycle game, you are a small Tike that wants to earn an honest buck by delivering newspapers to your neighbors. There are three ways two play this game. The first one is the story mode where you have to help Tike gather more money by delivering more and more newspapers, without stumbling on others on the streets, or being stopped by roadblocks. The other two mode are the arcade, one for single player and the other for multiplayer. You need to pay attention and gather the new newspapers from the street, avoid obstacles and try to hit as many mailboxes as possible while riding your bike. Try to gather as much money as you can so you can upgrade your bike.


Use the arrow keys and the space bar from the keyboard for this game.

This game was added on 28.05.2014 | Was played by 1428 times

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