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Game description ZOO LION RIDE

We know you like bicycle games and that's why we post new bicycle games free every day. If you are curious about how a zoo ride game would be than just play this lion bike games and share your impressions with your friends who will play it too. In this game your character is a lion from the zoo who is bored of his everyday activities and is trying to have a little fun. He gets himself a bicycle and de starts doing tricks as the other animals from the zoo stare at him. The lion is the king of animals so he is the most curageous from them all. He is not afraid to jump so high and try all those tricks but you have to be careful with him because he could fall and hurt. Try to do as many tricks as try not to do only the same trick. Depending on the complexity of the tricks they will receive a number of points and you have to have a certain score to pass the level. Reach that score and beat it because we know you can do it. Come back for more zoo lion ride games and bicycle games online.


Use the arrow keys to play this game and the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 each one for a scpecific trick.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1202 times

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