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Game description GARFIELD TENNIS

Ready for some fun? Here you will find many Garfield games online free and Garfield flash games. This one of Garfields favourite game because there is not much physical movement involved. He can still lay on his side and play this game with Odie, all you have to do is move his paw to keep the ball inside the field. There are three levels on this game and we recommend you to start playing the beginner level because Odie is quite good at it. Play the Medium and Hard ones when you manage to beat Odie. This game will keep you busy for hours and will keep you company on your free time. Play it and beat Odie with the highest score possible in the given time. Don't let Odie win this game and if he wins challenge him again. After that you can challenge your friends and see who can beat Odie more times and who can score the higher score. Come back on our site every time you have some free time or you need to relax after a long day and we will provide you with more Garfield the cat games online and maybe you'll decide to try the Garfield football games online.


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1650 times

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