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Game description GARFIELD AND ODIE

Ready for some Garfield and friends games? You know that we have Garfield new games everyday and today we offer you this funny little game called Garfield and Odie. Garfield is always too lazy to do anything but Odie instead is full of energy at any time of day and night. This Garfield online game will keep you in front of the computer for a long time, trying to teach Odie how to catch as many ball as possible. Garfield is somewhere lying and makes the huge sacrifice to throw the balls to Odie. Odie has six chances to catch the balls before Garfield falls asleep. Help Odie jump as higher as he need to so that he can catch the balls Garfield is throwing at him. You need to pay attention to where the ball is bouncing from the door and to make Odie jump at that exact right place. If he misses and doesn't catch a ball he loses a chance and he will not be very happy about this, but when he cathces them he is really really hapy and this keeps his motivated. Play this game to make as many points as you can and then challenge your friends to see which one of them can beat your best score. And remember to try the Garfield and Odie coloring pages or the Garfield car games.


Left click to make Odie jump and hold down to mouse to make him jump higher.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1965 times

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