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We offer you new hidden stars games free online every day and this game is no exception. This game will offer you some Avengers hidden scenes to test your observation skills. In this game you don't have to find hidden objects like in the others, you have to spot the hidden stars. There will be many hidden stars and you have to find them all in order to unlock the next level. The stars will have the same dimension and they will shine like the normal stars, but they won't necessary have the same color. In the same Anvengers hidden scene you can find yellow stars and black stars. It depends on the backround and the place where the star is positioned. You will have the number of stars waiting to be found on each level. Try to find them as fast as possible so you can win more points. Click only on the stars because if you click on something else you will lose 20 seconds from your time. Win all the three levels and see how fast you can spot them. Challenge your friends to beat your score and play other Avengers games or the Avengers hidden secrets games. Good luck!


Use the mouse to click on the stars.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1749 times

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