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Game description HULK KISSING

The Incredible Hulk kissing scenes are always rare, but not today. Today you can play this great Hulk kissing game that will show you many Hulk kissing scenes for you to enjoy. In this game, Hulk and his lover, are finally on a great date. They want to prove their love to each other but things don't always go as planed. Hulk knows that there are enemies surrounding them and watching them and he doesn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing them kissing. By using the mouse and holding pressed the left button, Hulk and his lover will kiss, and releasing the button will stop them from kissing. It is your job to warn Hulk when his enemies or any others might be looking at them. Use the mouse to make them kiss and to stop in this fun new game. The date is long for Hulk and his lover and there are several places where they want to kiss. Help them end their date properly without getting caught kissing by others. Will you be fast enough to do it before the time runs out? Ignite the passion between Hulk and his lover and let them enjoy a dreamy date.


Use the mouse to play Hulk Kissing game.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 2123 times

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