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Game description HULK ESCAPE

A new Hulk game online to enjoy from home. The Incredible Hulk games are just like that, incredibly fun to play. Action packed Hulk games for kids can be found here on for you to play together with your friends and family. Don't be shy and share what you're playing right now for others to enjoy. In this thrilling new game, you play as Hulk who has grown in size, and is trying to escape attacks from the government and the police force along with jumping over the incoming cars. Use the mouse to jump over incoming buses, and try to avoid all the launched rockets. By simply clicking the left mouse button you can jump once, and by double clicking it you can do a double jump. You must destroy the ice blocks that are surrounding the shield energy refills and gather them in order to be able to activate the protection shield. To activate the protection shield you need to press the space bar and the shield will work until all the energy is consumed. After that you can start gathering the protection shield energy again. Try out this new fun game and join Hulk in his adventures.


Use the left click mouse button to jump highest by double clicking, and the space bar to use the shield.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1687 times

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