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Game description HULK BAD ALTITUDE

If you enjoy smashing things, than this game is for you. Play Hulk Bad Altitude today, alone or together with your friends and have fun together with the green giant. This hulk cartoon game is under the Hulk VS Thor category and is one of the many Hulk Bad altitude series. There are still the sequels called Hulk Bad Altitude 2 and Hulk Bad Altitude 3. Enjoy the smashing sensation as you save the world from the invading robots. This game is played exclusively with the mouse but to be able to access it you need to have a working internet connection. There are to ways to play this great little game. The first one is called the Arcade Mode, where you have one minute to destroy as many robots as you can and make a new high score. The other way is the Challenge Mode. In this one, you can only jump once. You must try and destroy as many flying robots as you can in that one jump. To jump, you need to keep pressed the left mouse button in order to charge. When in the air, Hulk will follow the same direction as the mouse. Try to beat your own high score and your friends also and be the ultimate Hulk Smasher.


Use the mouse to charge Hulk's jump and destroy as many robots as you can in the air.

This game was added on 30.05.2014 | Was played by 1555 times

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