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Ready for some agent freeride action games? Start playing this game and you won't be able to stop. Play it as much as you want and get the highest score you are capable of. This secret agent has to get his hands on some secret papers and he gies toi steal them from a building that is located in the mountains. He will snowboard his way down as he guards will try to stop him and get the papers back. Avoid the obstacles and jump over them and when a guard is really close to you punch him. He will fall and you will have one less guard to care about. Watch out for the trees and the rocks that can make you fall and lose 5 seconds of the total time. Get to the safe point in the given time to unlock the next level. On your way collect the coins and the hearts for extra points. Don't let the guards knock you down and be the first to hit them. You will get a special gadget in each level to help you with the obstacles. Try out more new miniclip games agent freeride and miniclip games run after you finish this game. Good luck!


Usw the arrow keys to move, Z to use the gadget, X to jump and C to punch.

This game was added on 02.06.2014 | Was played by 2011 times

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