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Game description MONSTER TRUCKS 360 STUNTS

We offer you a new game from the Cars games category, much like any other monster trucks games online. This is a fun game that you will love playing, also there are a few other new moster truck games that you could check out. In this game you drive a monster truck and you have to drive in that way to get to the finish line the shortest time possible. The road will be a very tricky one and you will encounter many obstacles but you will also win points if you manage to pass them without any serious incidents. The first rule is to go as fast as you can, the second one is to keep the truck in good condition and don't crash. There are no other rules but these two are really hard to obey at some levels. Destroy anything that stands in your way to win more time and perform stricks and stunts while you're up in the air for more points. Jump and do whatever you can imagine, the more complex is the trick, the more points you earn. You can always start over if something is not going according to the plan. Be the best moster truck driver there will ever be!


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This game was added on 02.06.2014 | Was played by 1503 times

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