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Brought to you by Miniclip, here is the new Karate King Championship game. This game is part of the Miniclip category here on http://www.g9y9.com/miniclip-games.html for you and your friends to play when you are bored. This free fighting game from miniclip will let you enjoy the real world of Karate and the cool moves that it brings with it. This karate game brings joy to karate enthusiasts and other as well. Play this karate championship game and challenge yourself at this fun new game. When playing this game, you can play the training mode, which is free fighting, and the normal mode. We recommend trying out the training mode first, just to get acquainted with how the game play is, what keys you need to press and how to turn to be able to win in the championship. Karate has always been a sport most sought after and in this great game you can really see why. To move your character in this game, you need to use the directional keys. For hitting other opponents, you need to press the Z key, X key and the C key. The Z key holds and throws objects and players, C is the quick attack and X is the slow attack. Use the space bar for the Rage Special Attack. Have fun in this new karate game from miniclip.


Use the keyboard to play Karate King Championship.

This game was added on 03.06.2014 | Was played by 1891 times

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