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Ready for a new and entertaining game from This European Soccer Champions game is the perfect game for soccer fans. Just like this game you will find more european soccer champions league games and more other miniclip 3d games by simply opening the following link: Challenge your friends and see which one of you can play this soccer game without losing. Feel the excitement of a real soccer game when playing this game and cheer for your team. Choose your team and the opponent will be chosen by the computer. Play the first half of the game to get used to the players and the moves, and then play the second half of the game to win it. Use your soccer players to get the ball in the opponents net and score as many goals as you can before the time is over. Don't let the opponent team to get too close or they will have the chance to score. If you win a game you will play with other opponents and they will only get better and faster so you will have to be very careful and to move fast in order to win this game.


Use the arrows to move, X to shoot the ball and Z to swap player.

This game was added on 10.06.2014 | Was played by 2044 times

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