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Play Freestyle Snowboard online from This game from will keep you busy for a long time even if you aren't a big fan of snowboarding. Enjoy the best freestyle snowboard games at any time on our website. If you're looking for some more freestyle snowboard unity3d games you will find more if you'll search on the Miniclip games category. Share this game with your friends and see which one of you can perform more snowboard tricks and can have a higher score. Choose your player and start the race. You won't be racing against other players, you will have to perform as many tricks as you can before you reach the end of the slope. Jump on every ramp you see and sometimes you will be able to perform more than one trick on a jump. Observe how high you are and do two or more tricks if you can before you land. Make sure you finish a trick before landing, because otherwise you will crash. You will earn points from the tricks and if you manage to make more tricks one after another than you will make even more points. Have fun with this game and remember to come back every day for more new and interesting games to play.


Use the arrows to move, X to jump and Z+arrows to perform tricks.

This game was added on 10.06.2014 | Was played by 1725 times

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