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Game description CAR RACEWAY 500

Try this new Car Raceway 500 game from You will have the adventure and the excitement from a F1 race right here at anytime. All you need to play this game is an internet connection and you can play this race from the comfort of your home. More raceway 500 games free and other miniclip car games you will find on Share this game with your friends and see which one of you could be a F1 driver. This game will offer you an authentic F1 experience. Choose one of the cars and start the qualification race. There will be three laps and you have to get the best time to be the first on pole position. Go as fast as you can and keep on the track. The best lap will be considered for the pole position and after you qualify you start the real race. The opponents will try to block you and you have ti be very clever to pass them. If you have watched at least once a F1 race you know how to get rid of them and how to win this race. There will be more races and more tracks. Good luck!


Use the arrows to drive the car.

This game was added on 10.06.2014 | Was played by 1887 times

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