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Game description KUZCOS QUEST FOR GOLD

A great new came coming from Disney's, The Emperor's New School is here in the new Kuzco games category. Join the self centered young Emperor in his adventures and decide for yourself if he changed or not. This game is called Kuzcos Quest for Gold and is part of the Disney Channel games. Join the millions around the world enjoying the Kuzco games free online and compete with your friends in these fun and exciting new games. Play the new Emperor Kuzco games online and have fun with him and his friends in the new Kuzco games category. Browse though the many games that have the Emperor Kuzco theme and have fun as he learns new things in school. Enjoy the fun new Disney channel games right in the comfort of your own home, by accessing the wonderful games here at http://www.g9y9.com/kuzco-games.html where you can find a great variety of games with this fun Emperor, for you and your friends to play. In this game, Kuzco has yet another brilliant idea. After seeing the games trophies in the display case, he decided that they would look better if they had his face. And now, he is determined to make all those trophies look like him. Help him accomplish this by winning all the games.


Use the keyboard to play Kuzcos Quest for Gold.

This game was added on 10.06.2014 | Was played by 4272 times

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