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Do you enjoy the Curious George TV Show? Then try out the new monkey coloring games along with Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Have fun with the newest online kids games featuring Curious George and his friends, right here at and enjoy a fun afternoon while learning new things. Have fun with the Curious George PBS games for kids alone or together with your family and friends. Share this game with your friends and enjoy a fun day coloring with Curious George. In this game, you are able to experiment and see just how the colors work and how you can mix them to get other colors. This is very useful to know for when you want to paint or draw but don't have enough colors. This game bases his teaching on the three main colors and White. In this game you can see what happens when you mix for example blue and yellow, red and blue, yellow, blue and red and much more. Find the best colors and then use them to paint the Curious George drawings. Have fun in this fun little game and try to get the best colors by mixing what you already have.


Use the mouse to pour the colors in the bowl and have Curious George mix them.

This game was added on 11.06.2014 | Was played by 1853 times

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