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Game description MAX SPEED CAR RACE

The new Max Speed Car Race is a game like no others. This game is part of the Cars games category and it offer a great shooting game combined with a racing and obstacle game. Brought to you by, this game is a new car race game that will keep you playing for as long as you can. In this game, you must follow the convoy of cars and defeat the boss at the front of the row. The story in this game takes place in the Post Nuclear Desert of Wasteland and you are one of the few rebels who are against the military power of he world. In this world, oil is an extremely precious treasure and you must use your great aim combine them with a great racing spirit and speed at max speed, towards the big boss. Destroy the last boss at each level and fold the plans of the army. In order to do that you can easily use the arrows from the keyboard to race through the tracks and the X key to shoot at the convoy. Try your best and test your limits in this fun futuristic games that will let you enjoy an exciting afternoon alongside your friends.


Use the keyboard to play Max Speed Car Race.

This game was added on 11.06.2014 | Was played by 2420 times

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