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Another fine jigsaw puzzle game free online, with the Generator Rex theme. This game is called Generator Rex Jigsaw and is part of the Generator Rex games category. Have fun with the new jigsaw puzzles games free online and try to pass all the levels for this one. Search for more Generator Rex online games to play for free right here in this category and have fun together with you favorite hero from Cartoon Network. This game was created by Cartoon Games and it is one of the many jigsaw puzzles that you can find on this website. Look for other fun puzzles, logic games, and themed game very much like this one. If you enjoyed this game, then you might want to look for more jigsaw puzzles games that you can play for free, online. This jigsaw puzzle has 4 difficulty levels, the first one is the easiest with only 12 pieces of the puzzle. The next one is the medium difficulty which has 48 puzzle pieces. The third one is the hard mode which has 108 pieces of the puzzle and the last and most complicated one is the expert mode difficulty, which has a total of 192 pieces of the puzzle scattered around.


Use the mouse to switch the time off if you wish and place the puzzle pieces on the right place.

This game was added on 13.06.2014 | Was played by 1615 times

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