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Game description HORSEMAN AND DRAGON

If you ever player some of out other horse games before you are going to love this one. Welcome a world of magic and fairy tales when faeries exist and dragons still roam the earth. A world of maiden princesses and fearless knights ready to take on all the dangers that witches and evildoers can trow in his way. This brave horseman is on an epic quest to rescue princess Mary from the evil dragon. His quest is not an easy one but with his trusty horse by his side he will surely succeed. A knight is nothing without his horse and this is one of those horse games that will prove that thing right. Join the adventure and help the knight and his horse surpass all the obstacles. The storyline is very touching and features among the main story a lot of epic battles and dragons. The evil dragon is determined to stop the horseman's quest once and for all and it's your duty to make sure that doesn't happen. Fight the dragon bravely and reunite with your beloved Mary. Along the way you will encounter a lot of treasures and secrets. Collect them all to get a high score. Have fun !


Use the arrow keys to move and A, S, D to use different tools and open doors

This game was added on 02.12.2013 | Was played by 1613 times

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