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Game description HALLOWEEN BOWLING

A little Halloween game for all you ghost and ghoul lovers. Have fun with this new game called Halloween Bowling and enjoy this themed bowling game right from your home. On this website you can find numerous Halloween games to play online and all for free. Enjoy these bowling game online that are free to play and have fun with the numerous other bowling games that can support even 2 or 4 players, at the same time. In this cute little Halloween game, you can move the mouse to position the bowling ball which is in this case a pumpkin, then click to stop the power gauge at the strength desired by you, and same thing for the curve gauge. Play all the 10 frames and try to make the best score. Try on different power and curve games and enjoy this cute Halloween game. Knock down all the ghost and try to make the best score. You can later compare it with that of your friends to see who is the better bowler. Try out other games as well from the numerous categories that are available on this website and find the ones that are just right for you.


Use the mouse to select the position, power and curve of the pumpkin.

This game was added on 17.06.2014 | Was played by 1405 times

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