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Play this Princess Elsa Makeover game today. Part of the Frozen games category, this fun Elsa dress up game is just what you need to add a touch of icy magic in your everyday life. Ply these online games with the Frozen characters and enjoy it together with your friends or with your family. In this makeover game, you have to help Elsa become presentable in order to attend her returning Ball. She is now back in her kingdom, she managed to fix her mistakes and she wants to give a party for all the kingdom to know that she is back and able to rule her land. To do this however, she must look beautiful and proud like a real Queen. In this game created by Sky Breeze Games, you can choose what she should wear, how her hairdo should be and even how her makeup should look. Choose among the various makeups elements available in this game, then choose the accessories that Elsa should wear, like her crown, earrings and necklaces. Then you can choose one of the wonderful dresses for her to wear and even how her magic will show. Help Elsa become even more beautiful in this new Frozen game.


Use the mouse to browse and choose though the items.

This game was added on 17.06.2014 | Was played by 3010 times

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