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If you like coloring and drawing, then you will enjoy this fun Smurfs Coloring Book game from the Smurf Games Category, right here at where you and your friends can find the most fun and new smurf games online, all for free. This coloring game was created by Color Girl Games and it is a fun little game that will let you experience the fun world of the smurfs and color it to your heart content. In this game, you have a total of 10 drawings that you can color on, using a great variety of colors, you can make the smurfs pink, black or even green. You can do whatever you choose to in this game, even choose patterns and place stamps on the drawings with different shapes. Try your hand and discover your creativity in this new game with the smurfs. Help give the little smurfs color back in their lives with this cute smurf coloring sheet. Here you can also find many other smurf coloring pages online and other smurf games for free and online. Try them out today together with your friends and family, and find the ones that you like best.


Use the mouse to color and draw on the coloring sheets.

This game was added on 14.07.2014 | Was played by 1307 times

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