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Game description SHEEP CULL

Sheep are always fun to have around but sometimes the stable gets to crowded. Being a sheep farmer seems fun but have you ever wondered where the extra sheep go? They are usually sent to another flock or traded for other farming equipment. Well things are a little different now since the mad sheep disease virus came out. It was invented by scientist to cure hamsters from chicken pocks but it got out out the lab and is now infecting sheep. A mad sheep is not a very fun sheep to have around because it's always bouncing and can get quite hostile at times. This is one of those sheep games with shooter games elements that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you enjoy games with sheep you are going to enjoy shooting these infected sheep. You play as farmer Joe, who's flock of sheep has been infected by the mad sheep disease so now you have to shoot for your life. Take your time to get used to the control and start shooting some sheep. This game is extremely fast paced and fun to play. Be careful because the sheep get faster and stronger as you advance in the game and it's going to get harder to get them before they get you. Good luck!


Use the mouse to aim and shoot

This game was added on 17.12.2013 | Was played by 1513 times

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